Conference rooms

All our conference rooms are equipped with whiteboard, flipchart, DVD player with large screen, overhead projector, beamer (reservation free of charge in advance), we offer mineral water and sweets in the conference room.

Conference rooms (number of seats)

Sadelkammaren (72 m²) Cinema seating: 80
Double U-board: 50
School seating: 60
Boardroom: 24
U-board: 30


Manegen (66 m²) Cinema seating: 60
Double U-bord: 30
School seating: 52
Boardroom: 20
U-board: 24


Kaleschen (28 m²) Cinema seating: 32
Boardroom: 15
School seating 20
U-board: 14


Stigbygeln (33 m²) Cinema seating: 40
Boardroom: 16
School seating: 18
U-board: 16


Fyrspannet (29 m²) Cinema seating: 18
Boardroom: 12
School seating: 16
U-board: 10


Grimman (27 m²) Cinema seating: 21
Boardroom: 14
School seating 16
U-board: 12


Trädgårdsflygeln (45 m²) Cinema seating: 30
Double U-board: 30
School seating: 24
Boardroom: 17
U-board: 18


Molinska Villan (34 m²) Cinema seating 24
Double U-board: 20
Boardroom: 12
School seating: 12
U-board: 10


Skrindan (25 m²) Cinema seating: 18
Boardroom: 8
School seating: 16
U-board: 9


Unconventional meeting environments.

On Yxtaholms castles we have a selection of unconventional meeting environments including Castle salons, our medieval smithy at Yxtasjön or on the newly constructed beach.
Examples of creative meeting models: Svenska Mötesmodeller
Pictures of the castle.

Castles weekend

Splurge, it's really a castle weekend here at Yxtaholms Castle.
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Enjoy the Sörmländska nature from horseback! Then relax with good food, drink & a comfy bed! Reservation Saturday to Sunday.

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Everyday luxury

Come and enjoy Yxtaholms everyday. For those of you who just want to get away and enjoy here at Yxtaholms Castles, we offer our package everyday!

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Weddings and Celebrations!

We want to make life's highlights unforgettable. Weddings, anniversaries or birthdays, these gatherings are full of expectation and joy.

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