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Finally - one of the best kept secrets in the world of fine spirits - is revealed in ”Calvados – the world’s premier apple brandy”.
Yxtaholms castle has the largest Calvados-collection in the Nordic region. The collection starts with a bottle of 1937 by Wonnas In de Jong Schaefer's own interest. Yxtaholm also has its own apple farm that gives väldgt fine apples, which pleased the owners and Christian Drouin, given their interest.

Calvados Coeur de Lion

Discover the richness of calvados.

Jürs Mejeri

Jürs dairy has been the inspiration and knowledge from Italy and France to produce the best cheeses. They are a small local dairy that exclusively sells kvalié. Jürsostarna is always on Yxtaholms Castle's cheese buffet as part of the castle's four-course dinner. Jürsostarna appreciated by our guests, but also the royal family. Jürs dairy created a cheese to King's 60th birthday. This cheese is on Yxtaholms cheese buffet.

Prinsens Araber

Stable Prince Arabs are Yxtaholms Castles’s nearest neighbor. Here you can take a beautiful trail riding on Arabian thoroughbreds! The business was founded in 1996 and run by the owner Ella Lindblom.

Björkängs Gård

We help you all the way from the planning stage to the successful implementation of the event. Big or small! A contact with us usually pay off.

Jällsjö Gård

On Jällsjö are activities for all tastes – conference guests, hunting guests, fishing guests and other adventure-hungry societies are welcomed to their personal adventures.

Tourism in Flen

In the heart of Sörmland is Flen - with castles and manor houses, mill sites, picturesque market town and rural - the contrasts are great.

Pictures of the castle.

Castles weekend

Splurge, it's really a castle weekend here at Yxtaholms Castle.
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Enjoy the Sörmländska nature from horseback! Then relax with good food, drink & a comfy bed! Reservation Saturday to Sunday.

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Everyday luxury

Come and enjoy Yxtaholms everyday. For those of you who just want to get away and enjoy here at Yxtaholms Castles, we offer our package everyday!

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Weddings and Celebrations!

We want to make life's highlights unforgettable. Weddings, anniversaries or birthdays, these gatherings are full of expectation and joy.

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