Massage-b treatments are performed by professional therapists with great professionalism and our ambition is not only to perform a treatment, but also to convey an experience.

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Classic Swedish Massage

A therapeutic deep massage

Fullbody         50 min price 895 SEK

Half body       25 min price 495 SEK

Relaxing aromatherapy massage

A deeply relaxing, stress-reducing massage with a personalized warm oils. Dissolves muscle tension, clears out waste products, increases oxygenation of tissues, blood -and lymphatic circulation. Suitable for those who want to unwind and recuperate in every way.

Fullbody 80 min price 1095 SEK

Fullbody 50 min price 795 SEK

Half body 25 min price 450 SEK


Your treatment booking please in time as possible before your visit to Yxtaholms Castle.

Likewise, if you wish to cancel a treatment.


Castles weekend

Splurge, it's really a castle weekend here at Yxtaholms Castle.
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Enjoy the Sörmländska nature from horseback! Then relax with good food, drink & a comfy bed! Reservation Saturday to Sunday.

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Everyday luxury

Come and enjoy Yxtaholms everyday. For those of you who just want to get away and enjoy here at Yxtaholms Castles, we offer our package everyday!

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Weddings and Celebrations!

We want to make life's highlights unforgettable. Weddings, anniversaries or birthdays, these gatherings are full of expectation and joy.

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